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The WaterTude Story


In 2004, Timothy Lambright, along with his twin sons of 14 years, Jacob and Joshua, talked about a center where people could  access natural alternatives under one roof.  

By 2009, Timothy became interested in how to lead self to be stronger then help others lead themselves to become stronger.  


Thinking back to the original dream, Timothy thought:

We are 70 to 80% water with our beliefs flowing through us

We have many attitudes & perceptions floating about us

Imagine if you could align all those beliefs and attitudes to be, do,
   have, and give anything and everything you want

Water (Beliefs) + Aligned Attitudes = WaterTude!


WaterTude Success Center wants to help Successful Leaders, both non-profit and for-profit, sabotage self-sabotage with self-leadership skills and mindset strategies.  We will assist you in aligning those attitudes towards greater business success and greater community service.  WaterTude is for anyone willing and able to take the first step towards their positively changed future.



WaterTude Vision:

To provide a leading center which brings the best in wellness & success training and techniques to individuals who want to get the most out of life and business.

WaterTude Mission:

To help Successful Leaders sabotage self-sabotage with self-leadership skills and mindset strategies.



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Who is Dr. Timothy Lambright?

What is the WaterTude Story?

"...After Tim worked with me, applying his techniques and skills, my life started to change. I’m now building financial security, have a world of possibilities and my wife's love has returned. Thank you Tim for helping to change my life."

D. V.
Franklin, TN

"...I have been homeless and penniless,
...and the worse was the loss of my twenty-three month old daughter.
...As my eyes glance up to look at her picture, a warm feeling comes pon me. I no longer feel pain or am haunted by her memory.
...I've found that even the things I was totally resigned to having to live with can be changed and bettered, no matter how big, daunting, or longstanding they may be. The methods that Tim practices really do work..."

M. C.
Hopkinsville, KY  

"...I have noticed other overall improvements in my life since I have started my B.E.S.T. treatments. Tim is truly a blessing. I thank God for directing me to Tim when I was in search of a change for the better.  Thanks Tim for what you do and I hope you will continue doing what you do because B.E.S.T. is life changing..."

R. G.
Nashville, TN


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